Other Fibers and Fabrics Characteristics

Summer cloth: it is a traditional Chinese textile. The fabric color is white and the luster is soft. When wearing, it has the characteristics of clear sweat and cool.

Thin tweed: light texture, smooth feel, comfortable to wear, crisp, good moisture absorption, good air permeability.

Plush: also known as sea tiger plush, smooth and erect, dense and firm wool, good warmth retention, bright, soft, rich and thick feel, warm and light, with good wear resistance.

Viscose: wood, cotton fleece, reed and other materials containing natural cellulose chemical material processing, also known as artificial cotton, with the basic properties of natural fiber, good dyeing performance, good fastness, soft fabric, specific weight, good drape, good moisture absorption, wearing cool, not easy to produce static electricity, pilling and pilling.

Adhesive: good moisture absorption, easy dyeing, fabric has a good feel, comfortable to wear, good drape, washing resistance.

Mercerized cotton yarn: with silk like bright gloss, high grade color fastness and good hand feel, with cotton breathable soft moisture absorption, and silk like smooth and bright characteristics.

Taiwan Tencel: adding a fiber in the knitting of sweaters not only enhances the aesthetic feeling, but also duplicates the functional defects of Tencel. It has good luster and bright color. The clothes are not deformed, not easy to pilling and not easy to fade.

Bamboo fiber: a kind of green fiber, bamboo has antibacterial and purple line characteristic, the protection of natural fibre purification process with high-tech craft antibacterial antibacterial, deodorant and uv protection material, is breathable, fabric drape, silky smooth, dyed bright, antibacterial, deodorant, uv protection, repeated washing does not lose the multiple functions.

Parisi: it is wool mixed polyester, with smooth surface, light texture, refreshing feel, crisp and wrinkled, easy to wash and dry, and good wearing performance.

Gabardine: also known as gabardine, it has a smooth, waxy and solid feel, with close and elastic gap, smooth cloth surface and soft and natural color.

Poplin: fine texture, light and thin, soft, smooth, crisp, surface texture clear particles full, shiny jade embellish, good texture.

Tribute satin: smooth surface, fine, soft feel, good gloss, bright color, good elasticity, tight elasticity and not easy to deform.

Crepe: Walnut, also known as crinkled cloth, is light, soft, smooth and easy to dye

Khaki: the fabric is compact, thick, firm, with good wear resistance, crisp, clear weave.

Plain cloth: simple organization, compact structure, strong and firm, smooth surface and elastic pipe lack.

Fine cloth: the fabric is stronger than silk, the surface is smooth and fine, light and thin like silk, soft and comfortable.

Post time: May-24-2021